Open Water Swim – A New Year Challenge?

Open Water Swim © Rosalind Gregoire 2015

I love the water, an have been swimming since I can remember, but in the last 18 months (April to September) I have swapped the pool for the open water. I love being able to ride down to the lake and jump straight in. It is the best feeling in the world, when you are in the middle of that lake, it is so peaceful and the water feels amazing.  

Getting to the lake feels like an amazing commitment I make to myself. The conditions may be good or bad, but I am there to swim. Sometimes the water is calm and peaceful, and sometimes there are issues you just have to deal with. The water feels alive! And makes me feel alive too!

Swimming at Marlow last year

I know the open water season is a little way off (and I haven’t quite got round to braving winter open water… yet!) but making race plans for this year has got me wondering… I have not yet done a pure open water long distance race yet and have been looking at the Dart 10K. Some people have told me this is a fantastic race – and no doubt one for the bucket list – whist others have told me it is not as spectacular as it sounds (with boat traffic and salty, mucky water).

Even if it is not the Dart that I choose, I feel I might be up to the challenge later on this year if my training were to stay as consistent as last year. But, my life is so hectic at the moment, and with that and injury, my training has taken a hit. It makes me wonder if I will be able to make it down to the lake enough this spring/summer to train for such a challenge. Unlike running or cycling, I am worried that I have to rely on getting there at a certain time to train.

If you have any experience with endurance swimming, or any recommendations for a long distance event, please let me know. I would love to know what you think!