Joe Farley Award

At the end of 2016, I was delighted to be awarded the Joe Farley Award for my Design of Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sleeper and the Spindle’.

All students on the MA Production Design at National Film & Television School presented our ‘Fantasy’ paper based project for the Joe Farley Award. The jury consisted of Mark Farley, CEO of the Farley Prop Hire, Francesca Farley and Production Designer Stephen Scott (Hell Boy, Indiana Jones).

Mark has this to say about my work and presentation:

“Rosalind was the last of the students to present their work and it was certainly a case of saving the best until last. From the suggested books, Rosalind chose to design a set for The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman. She talked us through this modern take on the classic fairy tale and the way in which she had interpreted the story. She was eloquent and concise and had clearly thought of everything. Spiders play a big part in the story and Rosalind had been inspired to use the natural designs associated with them in the detail of her imaginary world. Spiders webs, legs and eyes were all used as the basis for the designs of the Gothic style architecture and her exceptional model showed them off to great effect. Her ideas were imaginative but had been well thought through and the practicalities of camera angles, space for crew, lighting and equipment had all been considered. Along with her model, Rosalind produced some exceptional detailed drawings and plans for her set and characters which helped to make her presentation so well rounded. She had even commissioned a composer friend to compose music to accompany her chosen scene. It was hard to believe she’d had no previous experience in this field having come from a furniture and graphic design background. Impressive stuff. A very worthy winner and definitely one to watch in the future.”

Rosalind-Gregoire-model-collage Rosalind-Gregoire-model-collage-2
Rosalind-Gregoire-drawings Rosalind-Gregoire-model-1

The First Musketeer

Last week I designed some posters for the launch of the The First Musketeer. Have a look a one of the final designs below. Season 1 of The First Musketeer will be released on YouTube on June 1st !  Watch the trailer now!


The First Musketeer Poster

This is a prequel story filmed on location in France telling the untold origin of the world famous characters created by Alexandre Dumas. The story follows Athos, arriving in Paris, not yet a Musketeer and not yet friends with Aramis and Porthos. I’m excited to see what develops!